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Rink Roller Skates generally have harder roller skate wheels then outdoor roller skates. Roller rink floors vary in surface, some are sport court roller rink floors, some wooden roller rink floors some are even linoleum such as warehouse roller rinks. Roller rink skates have wheels that are slicker and vary in durometer between 92A and 103A, the lower number having the most grip. Generally, the larger, more powerful skaters use harder roller skate wheels, while the smaller skaters can use softer wheels. Brand new roller skaters may wish to choose softer, stickier wheels for additional grip and control on any roller rink floor. Roller rink skates also vary in the size of roller skate wheels available. Generally, a larger roller skate wheel is for a roller skate used for speed and longer glides while smaller roller skate wheels are used in dancing, such as line dancing in the middle of the floor, or for maneuvers such as splits and spins. Indoor artistic and rhythm roller skates use either 57mm or 62mm wheels. Indoor speed roller skates use 59mm or 62mm wheels and may also vary in width from 39mm to 44mm. Wider roller skates are more balanced while narrow roller skates have a profile that works better with roller skating moves which require quick turning.

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