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How Do You Choose Roller Skates? There are basically two styles: hi top roller skates and low top roller skates. Which is best for you? Take this simple test: 1. Stand up and look down at your feet. 2. Bend your knees so that they are hiding your toes when you look down at your feet. 3. Lift your heels and balance on your toes. 4. Put your heels flat and lift your toes (keep your knees bent). 5. Which feels easier? If you can balance better on your toes, then choose a high top skate. If you can balance better on your heels then choose a low top skate. Note: low top skates work better for speed, hi top skates work better for dancing and rhythm skating.

What does roller skating do for your body? roller skating strengthens your core muscles, i.e. abdomen and thighs. If you are weak in the abdomen and thigh muscles then you will probably skate with your back muscles like you do everything that requires core strength and this will hurt. So bend your knees, keep your back straight, lean your shoulders a little forward when you skate and you will get stronger very quickly through roller skating.

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