"Quadline, that's how we roll"

Let two guys who have been skating, getting their roll on, in this world for over 30 years show you the beautiful hidden gems and best skating spots in San Francisco. You will experience some new ground and you will soon be in da house too!

John says, "you know, when I was on the Embarcadero (San Francisco) I was doing the testing like you told me to do, doing the zig zags and stuff like that and I came up on a light pole and I just went right around! and I was like, oh yeah, I am in the house now." "That's what I am talking about" - Richard Humphrey.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places in the world to skate and people don't know it and another hidden jem is Ocean Beach, SF with the Pacific Ocean...couldn't ask for a better day!

Cracks, Bumps, Advantage Quadline. A little about what they are saying about Quadline roller skates in the video:

Some of the roughest areas for skating can be skated on with no problems using 100mm wheels. Even more so, the advantage of the wide quadline is having a wider platform is going to roll over these cracks and bumps just a little bit easier.

Workout on skates! That was one of those skate highs. You couldn't ask for a better skater friendly enviroment. The Marina Green San Francisco is one the the scenic and smoothest places to skate on the planet!

The hidden of hidden gems as far as skate spots is right behind Pier 39 in San Francisco. Also you can see the seals at fisherman's wharf. Yeah there you go, that's how we roll! We rollin baby we rollin. People know about the Quadline. We just want to show you the new and improved version. Now theres the Streamline and the Wide. Now you got a choice and that's a choice that you gotta make.

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