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We Need Pics of your Skates! -

Please send us your favorite roller skate pics



Qualifications For Submitting Your Pictures

Give us a well light photo of your skates or a close-up of your feet wearing them.

my skates


Also include any information on brand and customization, or a story about how you got your skates and a link to your website or profile. We will eventually have a contest where people will be able to rank them.


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Rink Rollin

Above Photo Frank Bradley III

Rink Skatin

Above Photo Frank Bradley III

Speed Skates

Above Photo Brandon Andrews

Quad Speed Roller Skates

Brandon's Pairs of Skates!

Above Photo Brandon Andrews


Above Photo Bobbie Damren


I just found your website and was reading about you wanting pictures of other
peoples roller skates. I've inserted a picture of my roller skates. I've roller
skated for almost 40 years now and I still love it. Here's a break down
of what my roller skates consist of:

*Snyder Advantage plates
*Bones Ceramic bearings
*Riedell special order 395 boots
*Freedom Sure Grip wheels but I normally have Sure Grip *Power Plus wheels


Ms. Bobbie Damren

Dave & Ange

Above Photo Ange & Dave

These are my babies......... I replaced the boots in 1998 but everything else, including the wheels and bearings, are from 1982!!!  I think it's time for some new parts!