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Skorpion Quadlines


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Landrollers are the newest innovation in inline skating. LandRoller's radical wheel position allows it to go over rougher surfaces with a smoother and more stable ride. Landrollers use a patented angular wheel design to mount gigantic wheels onto inline skate frames. The bigger the wheels the smoother the ride.

I tried some out and I was astonished with how smooth and fast they moved. My friend who has never even ridden inline skates (he only uses roller skates) was astonished at how fast he mastered them. He got on them and just started skating. It actually looks unstable because of the angular wheels but once you start riding them it actually provides more support.

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Longboards! The Longboard craze is here to stay

Longboards, those giant cousins to skateboards are back fromt he 70's and are here to stay. Longboards are actually developed fto be more like surfboards but have roller skate style wheels.

What makes a longboard a longboard is the flex. Instead of pop, Longboards have flex. Pop is the tension in a board holding into shape. Everytime it is bent out of shape it trys to "pop" back into place. This allows skateboarders to do awesome tricks like ollies and kickflips. Since a longboard is much too big to allow such tricks longboards focus on bounce. Bounce is produced by the board flexing underneath the rider almost like a trampoline. As the rider flexes the board the bounce it generates propels the rider forward. It's called pumping and it's alot of fun.

Longboarding has been catching on in a big way and one of the main proponents of longboarding is sector 9 longboards. Sector Nine Longboards hails from La Jolla, California and in a way started the whole longboard revolution. They did it by building better and better longboards. They listened to their customers and built fun responsive longboards that people like to ride.

But the best thing about Sector Nine longboards are the graphics. Sector 9 features tons of colorful inventive designs ranging from hand done art to scenic pictures of hawaiin surf spots. The wheels that sector nine uses for their longboards are actually very similar to roller skate wheels. They run about 78a and range from 60mm to a giant 76mm in width. People sometimes even use roller skate wheels for a custom ride. Sector nine is theelement skateboards of the longboard world.