Buying Roller Skates & Parts

Buying Rollerskates & Roller skates

This Section Intends to Inform you on how to buy roller skates and all associated products from Brand Names, Your Skating Level VS. Quality, Roller skate boots, Roller Skate Plates, Roller Skate wheels & trucks. Basicly everything you need to know about rollerskates down to the bolts. More roller skate buying info here

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Quad Speed Skate Wheels
What do I really do I really need to spend?

Deciding on what quad speed wheels you want can be a matter of preference for color or graffic but if you don't know what the Brands, Urethane durometer, Hubs, weight, width, & Groove sturcture can do for you then you need to read this article.


Or check out Roller Derby Skates for Girls

I don't need to tell you that you want Riedell's, They're the flagship roller skate company with decades in the making. The important thing to remember before getting your Riedell Roller Skates for Roller Derby Competitions is that you have a good quality Speed Boot that fits, I mean really fits...


New Retro Scooters: The Razor Pocket Mod Bistro

Razor Pocket Mod Bistro Electric Scooters from Razor USA are a mini version of what looks like a cool vespa scooter. Get all the chicks without coughing on all the two-stroke exhaust. VRROOM!